Through years of moving from one place to the next, Merritt learned quickly the benefits of purging belongings and the joy of shaping spaces that were both inspiring and functional. 

A huge supporter of sustainable lifestyle practices, Merritt believes in shaping spaces that promote functionality, discourage waste, and nurture personal flourishing.

Merritt also maintains a strong appreciation for style, art, and design, gathering inspiration from the Kinfolk lifestyle magazine, Remodelista, Apartment TherapyACE Hotel, and the glorious creative world of Pinterest

Merritt spent several years involved in the world of non-profits, working with people in sensitive circumstances and assisting with unique needs. Professional organizing merges her appreciation for space with her concern for holistic wellbeing.

Her advanced degree comes from Duke with much attention given to ethics, social and environmental justice, counseling, and cross-cultural care. Her undergraduate degree in Sociology comes from Furman. These studies and experiences have shaped her empathetic and attentive support of clients. She has also been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

SIMPLY KEPT was born out of an increased interest in her organizational assistance and for the purpose of promoting more productive and inspired living.

And for all you families and couples out there, Merritt also shoots weddings, portraits, and births. Feel free to peruse her work via Merritt Chesson Photography.

Merritt Chesson, founder and principle organizer of SIMPLY KEPT

Merritt Chesson, founder and principle organizer of SIMPLY KEPT