Decluttering + Organizational Design

HOMe and workplace ORGANIZING

  • Closets

  • Garages

  • Bedrooms

  • Playrooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Office Space

  • Laundry rooms

  • Paper management

  • Kitchens and pantries

  • Storage areas (attics, sheds, basements, etc.)

  • Space planning and arrangement

  • Making space for others (guests, baby, housemate, partner, pets)


  • Sorting to recycle, dispose, donate, or consign

  • Taking loads for donation

  • Arranging junk removal


  • Unpacking and house set-up


Hours of service include on-site organizing, customized product research, pick-up runs, or drops to donation centers or consignment stores. On-site work is done side-by-side, on your own under Merritt's guidance, and/or on Merritt's own with your needs in mind. The client determines how they’d like their time to be used.

3+ hour sessions: $255+ ($85/hr) | sessions are booked in 3+ hour increments
12 hour package: $900 ($75/hr)
24 hour package: $1560 ($65/hr)

Happy to travel! Custom fees apply.

Light Interior Design

While we do what we can to creatively incorporate tools already available within the home or workplace, Simply Kept now offers assistance with simple design and furnishing to complement our decluttering and organizational services.

This can range from strategic shopping for organizational infrastructure (containers, dividers, shelving, hooks, etc.) to directing the design and implementation of additional storage and interior design options, including furniture, fixtures, building materials, paint color, and minimal decor.

Our design style is minimalist and simple and may not be ideal for all clients.

Getting started

Call or email to share your particular needs and discuss possibilities for moving forward. 

Simply Kept is happy to travel!