Storage for Days

Life gets busy and stuff accumulates - things we want, things we don't, things we forgot we even had... That's where SIMPLY KEPT comes in. We work with our clients to sift through belongings, determine what to let go, and plan/implement an organizational system for what's staying.

Below is a recent project out of Austin, Texas.

(Yes, SIMPLY KEPT is happy to travel.)

Before and After...

Our time began with determining the kind of organizational infrastructure the clients preferred. We then went shopping.

(Yes, SIMPLY KEPT shops - unless you want to.)

Products for this project (approximately $1300 in total value):


After moving all their belongings out of its original space to make room, we worked with the clients to assemble their new cabinets and drawers. Others might prefer for SIMPLY KEPT to do it all; that's fine, too. 

With the infrastructure in place, we gradually incorporated containers with the client's kept items, including labels to guide future organizational maintenance.

Below you'll notice some labels are not quite complete; we were still in the process of organizing and rearranging.

Progress with the space, in more detail...

Between the consulting, shopping, assembling, organizing, and labeling, this progress was made in about 30 hours.

Note: Projects often take much less time if the desired organizational infrastructure is already in place.

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